Ainofea Kauai MMA :: Release the Beast :: Feb 15, 2015

Ainofea Kauai MMA :: Release the Beast :: Feb 15, 2015

Get Ready Kauai to start the year off right with Live MMA in your backyard. Don’t wait to buy tickets this is gonna sell out fast.
We got our plane tickets and cameras ready!!! Can’t wait for Mayhem at da Mansion 5 Unleash da Beast

Ainofea Kauai Release the Beast

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Lets start of the New year with a BANG and bust out the Main event for Mayhem at the Mansion in February!! KTI’s Pono Pananganan will battle for the belt -vs- Maki Pitolo. Maki is our current 170lbs belt holder who won last event vs Jason Camarillo, which all of you saw was another battle.

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Nalu Hawelu of New Breed Kauai to battle Jonah Estrella of Team MMAD on Oahu!

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Another Anticipated match up! Isaac Worth- out of Power House MMA to battle Hawaii Fighting arts Las Vegas- Penimaki Mateaki.

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Abe Mohr out of KTI will face off against Evan Kaahea- Kapahi Top team! You dont want to miss this one either!!!

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Here is another match up that will get the crowd pumping !!! Daylan Cummings out of Power House MMA -vs- Kenneth Dusablon – O2 on Oahu !! I told you this show was stacked! I Dont need any more reasons to convince you all to go!

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This card is so big I still didnt put all the matches up yet! Here is a kickboxing bout with Kauai boy Kristopher Alcos from Kpal will fight against Wilbur Alvarez our of West Oahu MMA, Two up and coming talents for sure!!!

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Nope not done yet! Here’s another bout! Willam Domen of West Oahu MMA to battle against Patrick Branch from Hawaii fighting Arts Las Vegas in another exciting kickboxing match!!! Talk about STACKED!

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Here’s a note from the promoter on Ticket sales

Updated Fight card

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