Anderson Silva ‘very disappointed’ in countrymen Lyoto Machida, ‘Jacare’ Souza

Anderson Silva isn’t feeling the love from his Brazilian countrymen.Silva, the longtime UFC middleweight champ who’s slated to return from his terrible leg injury and fight Nick Diaz in UFC 183’s centerpiece, has for years resisted a bout against fellow Brazilian contenders Lyoto Machida and Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza, publicly quashing any mention of a battle versus either of the two guys, both of whom Silva thinks about to be buddies and training partners.

Only now he’s starting to question why they aren’t returning the favor.

“Jacare is my friend, Lyoto is my friend. But all the time, [those] guys don’t talk the same as me,” Silva said on a Thursday teleconference. “When I go to talk with people for media, I say, ‘I no go battle Lyoto since he’s my friend, I no go fight Jacare because he’s my friend.’ However when those men go and speak to the media, Lyoto says, ‘I go fight Anderson due to the fact that I go fight.’ Jacare says, ‘I go battle due to the fact that I go fight, since I’m a competitor.’ However my opinion, I do not like the positions that Lyoto and Jacare (are taking), due to the fact that I don’t go fight these men. Since I’m training with Lyoto for a very long time, sometimes I train with Jacare.

“When I go train with men, I go to assist you. … I put 50-percent of my energy into helping the individuals. When the guys talk like this, I’m really, really, really disappointed.”.

Silva’s remarks were most likely triggered by a recent interview Machida conducted with Brazilian outlet Tatame, where Machida said he would “naturally” accept a battle versus Silva if the UFC specifically requested it.

Machida went on to include that he does not want to amuse the concept because he doubts the fight would really take place, but however Silva stays upset by his response.

“I believe I have to talk (about) this with the men, due to the fact that I talk all the time for the media,” Silva stated. “When you people give me this concern, I talk the same. Lyoto is my friend, Jacare trained together with me. And I do not want to battle Brazilian individuals. I do not like it. This is my viewpoint. I comprehend this is a sport, the guys remain in the UFC for fights, but I do not want to fight Brazilian people.”.

For what it’s worth, the man who handles both Silva and Machida, Black House co-founder Ed Soares, thinks that when it comes down to it, the conversation is truly much ado about nothing.

“There’s no break at all,” Soares told “They’re buddies. They’re still having barbecues together at my residence, they’re children are playing around your home playing together. It’s all great. But that’s why it’s a little awkward.

“I believe that they’re eager to fight since that’s exactly what they need to state. Lyoto doesn’t want to fight Anderson. However, they both want the exact same thing. Lyoto’s not going fight Anderson if it’s not for a title. But if one of them has the title and the other one wants to get it, then they’re going to need to combat, and there’s no way around it.”.

As Soares says, in the end, Silva’s hands eventually could be required by circumstance.

UFC President Dana White just recently revealed that a victory at UFC 183 will give Silva another chance at his long-held middleweight title. Needs to Silva arise successful over the winner of Chris Weidman vs. Vitor Belfort, both Souza and Machida would be amongst the next rational competitors for the belt. So at that point, the decision could not be Silva’s to make.

“I work for UFC, so I belong to the UFC family,” Silva said. “So if Dana decides that I go and battle, I go house and prepare for a fight.

“If Dana gives me the chance for the belt, I go defend the belt. However I do not like to fight Brazilian guys.