Boston Salmon wins PFL contract

PFL welcomes the new addition to the Family – Hawaii’s Boston “Boom Boom” Salmon

The 31-year-old Waianae – Vegas boy shows the crowd that he can hit harder. Salmon and Lee exchange hard blows, but Salmon’s impact is more solid.

Boston Salmon defeated South Korea’s wonder boy Do Gyeom Lee via TKO Second Round via Corner Stoppage. 

PFL Challengers Series 2022 Winner Boston Salmon

Boston Salmon knockout Do Gyeom Lee

Boston Salmon wins PFL Featherweight contract.

PFL Contender Series 2022 is PFL’s new tournament to identify “undiscovered” fighters. The fighters featuring in the tournament will fight for a PFL contract to participate in PFL tournament or a $1 million prize.

Fighters from one division will fight on each night of the event. One fighter from each division will win a contract. A fan vote on Twitter will select the fighters deserving of a deal. Further, a celebrity panel will recommend which fighter should get signed by PFL.

Get the complete details on PFL Challengers Series 2022.

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