Cameron Krael from Boxing to MMA

Hawaii MMA News: Cameron Krael will be making his MMA debut at Fierce Fighting Championship on May 14, 2021, at Maverick Center, Utah

Cameron Krael MMA Debut 


West Valley City, Utah – Fierce FC presents Krael versus Collard in a Featherweight bout.

Cameron Krael, a professional boxing legend, is originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, living in Las Vegas.

Cameron holds a record of 17 wins, 19 losses, and three draws in his Boxing career. Right now, he is transitioning to MMA.

He will be fighting Cezly Collard, who is also making his Professional MMA Debut.

Cezly Collard is a 25-year-old professional boxer from Wyoming.

Collard made his boxing debut in February this year at Championship Series in Kentucky, where he faced Selassie Bay. 

Cameron Krael vs. Cezly Collard at Fierce Fighting Championship 

Cezly Collard Cameron Krael Faceoffs

Cezly Collard Cameron Krael FaceoffsCezly Collard Cameron Krael Faceoffs