Cheyden Leialoha aslo known as “the Hawaiian Khabib” at LFA 106

Hawaii MMA News: PUNA’s Cheyden Leialoha defeated Edwin Chavez via Unanimous Decision.

Shawnee Oklahoma – It seems like Featherweight found a home at Cheyden Leialoha’s body! He looked great, looked comfortable, well flesh out featherweight fighter. 

Cheyden starts at Flyweight, then moves to Bantamweight; he said that the weight cut took a toll on his body. This time Featherweight 

This fight is a very technical fight from start to finish. Leialoha dictated the rounds by showcasing his skills in Grappling, Wrestling, and his power. 

Leialoha is a more seasoned wrestler than Chavez; he managed to be always on top of Chavez. 

Leialoha was able to sneak in elbows, knees, takedowns Leialoha. 

Trained with Max Holloway – Holloway is the one who advised him to move up a weight class – Featherweight. Cheyden has more power on his punches and takedowns. 

Edwin Chavez has a lot of success in getting out and gets some takedowns of his own, but that has no match Leialoha’s offensive. He came in undefeated with four wins, no losses, but he didn’t have an answer to the Hawaiian Khabib offense. 

Watch the fight highlights Cheyden Leialoha vs. Edwin Chavez 


Congratulations, Cheyden, the journey just started! 


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