Eagle FC 47: Zach Zane returns to face Islam Mamedov

Eagle FC 47: Zach Zane vs. Islam Mamedov


Eagle FC 47: Dos Santos vs. De Castro | 2022.05.20 | Miami, Florida


Zach Zane stayed ready for opportunities like this. Zane accepted a week’s notice replacement for Yosdenis Cedeno to face Islam Mamedov.

Zane is a 32 year old fighter from Hawaii, he has 15 wins and 12 losses. Zane has 14 finishes

Earlier this month, God’s Warrior recently fought Luis Pena at Titan FC; he didn’t get the win.

Zane made his LFA debut in February and Eagle FC in January. 

Zach Zane faces a Dagestan warrior in the name of Islam Mamedov.

Islam Mamedov is a 33-year-old fighter from Dagestan, Russia. He has a fight record of 20 wins and two losses.


 In January, Mamedov faced Benson Henderson at Bellator 273. He suffered a Split Decision Loss that broke 19 wins streak. 

Islam Mamedov vs. Zach Zane Fight Highlights



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