Hawaii fighters went 4-0 yesterday in UFC, Bellator, and Arena Cage Wars.

Hawaii Fight News: Yesterday’s MMA bouts for Hawaii Fighters were a huge success! Kauai’s UFC debuted Josh Quinlan, who just ‘Killed a man with a stunning first-round KO victory. 

Josh Quinlan vs. Jason Witt

Josh Quinlan has secured a “remarkable” one-punch knockout victory in his UFC debut, defeating an American opponent in the first round. 

The Hawaii native has claimed a stunning one-punch knockout victory on his UFC debut, defeating American opponent Jason Witt in the first round of Sunday morning’s catchweight contest in San Diego.

Quinlan needed just over two minutes to send his rival to the canvas, throwing a well-directed hard counter left as Witt attacked his body with a kick.

UFC Veteran Tyson Nam’s 6th appearance was money. Nam counters flying knee with brutal KO finish of Ode Osbourne. 

Tyson Nam vs. ode Osbourne

The veteran flyweight countered a flying knee attempt from Ode Osbourne with a brutal right hook that brought his opponent crashing down to the canvas. Nam followed with one more punch that put Osbourne entirely out, as the referee rushed in to stop the fight at just 2:59 of the opening round.

Pololu “Poi Poundah” Nakanelua pounded the opponent like a poi

Pololu Nakanelua vs. Keaneo Moyer

Despite having missed weight over 5 pounds advantage over the opponent Keaneo Moyer, Pololu Nakanelua moved past the controversy and let the commission and opponent decide if the fight is going to happen.

The opponent accepted, and the fight was on. Pololu did an excellent job of taking down the opponent in Round 1 and was able to ground and pound him. 

The Ilimanator is back in the Win column after two consecutive fight losses.

Bellator 284: Ilima-lei Macfarlane got a unanimous decision win over Bruna Ellen

A three-round battle between the previous flyweight champ Ilimanator and Bruna Ellen occurred yesterday. Ilimanator got the much-needed win over Bruna Ellen. 



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