Christian Natividad’s longest fight against Evan Woolsey Hawaii MMA News:

Christian Natividad longest fight to date! 3 Rounds of dominating position 30-26 Final Judges score

This is the fight we all have been waiting for! This marks DA POI POUNDA’S third win as a professional MMA fighter. Undefeated as amateur, he keeps a perfect record.

Christian Natividad isn’t used to get this type of win, Unanimous Decision. We all thought that the fight was a perfect display of what he can do when he is faced with a higher level opponent who has a very tough chin like him!

The commentators also convey the ready-available skills of DA POI POUNDA in wrestling. After exchanging a good level of boxing, Christian went for takedowns, and Woolsey never ever got up. The two scramble who wanted to be on the top but obviously Christian remained while giving Evan Woolsey some of his heavy blows.

“Not only a slugger but a well rounded mixed martial artist”

Christian, we do not know if you will be in a bigger organization after this fight, but definitely looking forward to your next show! You are turning out to be a young, vicious killer like your big brother Kevin Natividad who will be making his second fight soon in the UFC!

Watch Christian Natividad vs Evan Woolsey Fight Highlights here: