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Hawaii went 2/4 last week: Kawehi Wallace, Dalis Kaleiopu, Maki Pitolo and Kaleo Meheula Fight Results

Aloha Fight Fans, here are the results from last week fight schedule between February 8-14

Kawehi Wallace

Kawehi Granito-Wallace fell into the hands of Gerrica Trias during R3 TKO.

Kawehi Wallace loss Gerrica Trias

These two Professional MMA debut-ers started the LFA99 with a bang! The round started with Kawehi Wallace going for the clinch and takedown which stunned Gerrica Trias. Wallace wasn’t able to make significant damage on the ground. The scramble went on and on. Eventually Trias managed to get on her feet and landed some solid punches. The Judges gave the round to Trias

Round two – Wallace went for the takedown and got it again, the scramble of the two were crazy and you can really see how they really want to win. Wallace managed to control the round on top but didn’t get damaged. Trias was able to get away and gave Wallace a straight punch to the face. This time Trias was on top herself and gave Wallace some ground and pounding. This round you can see that Wallace is running out of gas because of the heavy punches she has been receiving. Round went to Trias.

Round 3 – Trias got it done via punches in the early round in 56 seconds.

What a debut for these two amazing fighters! DEFINITELY WANT TO SEE KAWEHI WALLACE GET BACK. This fight definitely is a learning experience to her. Kuddos Kawehi! Much love

Watch the Gerrica Trias vs Kawehi Granito-Wallace Fight Highlights


Dalis Kaleiopu Sterling PRO Boxing Debut at Golden Boy

Dalis Kalieopu got the Win on Round 3 via TKO !

Fantasy Springs Casino, Indio – Perfectly placed uppercut against the opponent !!! Congrats Dalis on not only your Pro Debut win, but getting that knockout!!! Hawaii is comin!!!! @_kaleiopu_ @nito_boxing#nitoboxingacademy #nitoboxing#rvcasport #rvca

Watch Dalis Kaleiopu vs Eduardo Fight Highlights

Kaleo Meheula’s one big shot put Daniel Arellano down

Mountain Force MMA, Utah – Kaleo Meheula knocked opponent down on R1. It was a great performance for Meheula’s third amateur mma fight. Meheula is looking forward for two more fights before turning PRO!

Great  job Kaleo ” TUTUS BOI” Meheula

Watch Kaleo Meheula vs Danny Arellano fight highlights

Maki Pitolo shocking turned of event on R3

Julian Marquez
defeats Maki Pitolo via Submission at 4:17 of Round 3

Las Vegas, Nevada – WOW! This was a really great fight!

Maki Pitolo showed off a different aspect to his game, applying solid pres

sure and wrestling to take control. However, Marquez would not be denied, and he simply kept attacking to score the come-from-behind finish in the closing minute of Round 3.

Watch Maki Pitolo vs Julian Marquez Fight Highlights


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