Josh Quinlan and Kamuela Kirk rocked LFA 97 with stunning knockout wins

Josh Quinlan and Kamuela Kirk gave Hawaiians 2 Knockout wins

Hart Arena Park City Kansas – LFA 97 proved to be fruitful for the Hawaiian fighters. 2 out of 3 Hawaii born MMA fighters performed beyond what is expected of them.

The first fight of LFA 97 was rather short. Kimo Luis got knocked down by Thomas Petersen within 19 seconds of Round 1.

Some might think that it was “TOO EARLY” being called off by the Referee. Kimo Luis accepted it like a BOSS. One huge punch and he was on the ground ready to fight back but the referee thought it was enough!?  Hmm, not really sure about that. Heavyweights are tough fighters to put to sleep but somehow it was too necessary NOT to take so much damage? Oh well, if Kimo accepted it, so we should.


The second fight of LFA 97 Josh Quinlan vs Joe Boerschig was exciting! Boerschig’s raw style of fighting met Quinlan’s sophisticated accuracy

Quinlan was stunned on R1 when Boerschig’s fast-paced combo landed on his body and face. Quinlan responded back with more accuracy on his punches. It was truly exciting how the scramble of these two fighters went on Round 1 with Boerschig landing a takedown which was controlled by Nevertheless, Quinlan was able to find his entrance. Once he did, it was too late for the opponent.

Round 2 was much more relaxed than Round 1. Quinlan was able to adjust everything and his kicks were slowly killing the legs of his opponent.

Round 3 Boerschig attempted to submit Quinlan but it became his undoing instead.

LFA 97: Kamuela Kirk vs Guilherme Santos – an impressive display of Kirk’s mixed martial art skills


Beginning of Round 1 Santos was able to score a few kicks. Kamuela Kirk adjusted accordingly and started showcasing his skills! Exciting mixture of kicks and following up with punches that accurately landed on Santos’s body. Before Round 1 ends, Kirk’s relentless punches to the face, head, and body took their toll and the Referee had enough.

Kamuela Kirk was never short of attention, his style was noticeable by the Commentators. Michael Chiesa and Laura Sanko mentioned  “Conor McGregorish” style with the way he walk, the beard, the body, and the finish was “MCGREGORISH”