The much awaited MMA debut of Victoria “The Prodigy” Lee

“The Prodigy” will be making her first ever MMA bout in 22 days, February 26, 2021 Singapore

Victoria Lee’s first fight as a professional MMA fighter is due to happen end of this month.

Many people are jealous and are criticizing her for having a “shortcut” to fame hood but we think that she deserves everything she’s got because she earned it. Like everybody in the business, she practices and stay sharp not only because she comes from a family that has a mix martial art mastery but because it is her natural habitat, that’s the lifestyle.

She is practicing with two MMA World Champions, therefore she’s on a different level. Being sister with Angela Lee and Christian Lee, she must’ve learned all their techniques by now, the DO’s and DONT’s.

She’s 2020 HAWAII  STATE  WRESTLING Champ! Very very dangerous opponent

Can’t wait for the debut, The youngest VICTORIA LEE 16 year old PRO MMA Champion, why not! Let’s go!