Hawaii MMA News: Bare Knuckle FC Fight Results

Florida – Zach Zane, Chris Leben, Dat Nguyen Fight RECAP

Zach Zane fell into the hands of Martin Brown

Martin Brown def. Zach Zane via TKO KO/TKO, PUNCHES (Eye Injury) 1:28 Round 2 of 5

Recap: Zane and Brown came out and got after it pretty quickly. They got tied up in a clinch and Brown hurt his knee. They stopped the fight while they checked on his knee. The fight looks like it will continue. They get back to action and Zane was very aggressive. The round ends and it was a good round, but Brown was limping badly after the bell sounded.

A close second round until the end when Brown landed a combination that dropped Zane. Zane gets to his feet but tells the referee that he cannot see under his left eye. That’s all the referee needed to hear and the fight was stopped. TKO win for Brown.

Chris Leben def. Quentin Henry via KO (Left Hook) at 1:07 of Round 1

Recap: This is it for Chris Leben, he’s retiring win, lose, or draw after this fight. Both men looked fired up and ready for war. Leben landed a big combination and Henry is hurt. He went down, claiming he was poked in the eye. It was a punch but he was still given time to recover. The fight was restarted and both men started landing big shots. Leben landed a double left hook and finishes Henry in the first round.

Chris Leben retires!  Happy retirement to ” The Crippler “

Dat Nguyen defeated John Bedford BKFC Bantamweight Championship 

Dat Nguyen #andnew

Dat Nguyen def. Johnny Bedford via Unanimous Decision (48-47 x 2 & 49-46)

Recap: Bedford looked to crowd Nguyen on the inside and offset Nguyen’s technical advantage. Nguyen landed a couple of clean shots that hurt Bedford. Good first round with both fighters trying to press their advantage. Scored it 10-9 for Nguyen.

Great action to open the second round and both fighters landed solid shots. Nguyen was landing the bigger shots and Bedford was showing the damage. He’s was cut to the eye and began to swell. Bedford also landing, but Nguyen landed more and wobbled Bedford a couple of times. Two rounds to now for Nguyen.

Bedford landing more shots so far and he took a poke to the eye, the third time Nguyen fouled or attempted to foul Bedford. Much better round for Bedford, who likely won that round with the heavier damage.

Bedford did better when he leaned on Nguyen and put his weight on him. The fourth round was action-packed and both men landed their share of shots. That said, Bedford landed more and more damaging shots, putting the round in the bank. This fight could well be even headed into the final round.

Really fun firth round that saw a ton of back and forth action. It was rockem-sockem robots for the fifth round and it was close. I scored it for Bedford, and thus on my card he wins the fight 48-47.