Hawaii MMA Weekly Recap: August

This Hawaii MMA recap episode will cover fights from the past weekend. Tough week for Ben Wilhelm, Zach Zane, and Kaleo Meheula. We are also covering Bryce Nowak’s nasty knuckles. 

Hawaii MMA Recap August: Ben Wilhelm, Zach Zane, Kaleo Meheula, and Bryce Nowak

Ben Wilhelm versus Ruslan Emilbek at One Championship in Singapore. 

Hawaiian fighter Ben Wilhelm appeared at One Championship the second time around. Wilhelm showed up, made weight, and brought the show to Singapore. Though he didn’t get the win the second time, there’s no shame, and he faced a tough Kyrgstan warrior Ruslan Emilbek Uulu who holds a record of 18-3, while Ben Wilhelm was still early on his professional career 5-1.

Ruslan Emilbek Uulu submits Ben Wilhelm with TWO SECONDS left in Round 1.

Ben Wilhelm couldn’t resist the urge to tap 2 seconds before the bell ended! 

Ruslan Emilbek Uulu submits Ben Wilhelm 2 seconds left before the bell ring.

Stellar Fights 52: Kaleo Meheula versus Luke Staley  

The much-awaited comeback on the win column of Kaleo Meheula was spoiled at Stellar Fights 52 in Maryland last weekend, Saturday, October 22. 

Kaleo Meheula, 26, training in Las Vegas at Xtreme Couture, is having a string of bad luck when he got two consecutive decision losses at Fury FC. Last Saturday, Kaleo Meheula faced 25 years old Luke Staley in his hometown in Maryland. 

South Korean-born fighter Luke Staley living in Frederick, Maryland, submitted Hawaiian fighter Kaleo Meheula.

Luke Staley defeated Kaleo Meheula via Submission in Round 2. 

Luke improved his record to 2-1, while Kaleo Meheula fell to 1-3. 

Rizin 39: Koji Takeda versus Zach Zane 

Nothing but respect goes out to all the fighters who only want to put food on the table.


Although Zach Zane has yet to taste any wins since October 2021 at Fierce FC, he never gave up trying. He started to fight Killers at huge organizations as the last-minute replacement. He is the type that accepts fights that no one would – any time, any day. 

Koji Takeda defeated Zach Zane via Submission at 3:35 of Round 1

Takeda must be tired of facing Americans, considering it was his 4th Straight Fight versus an American. It’s not surprising if Koji Takeda fights for the title next.

Koji Takeda, 27 years old fighter from Saitama, Japan, improved his record to 15 – 3, while Zach Zane, 32 years old from Maui, Hawaii, fell to 15-14. 

Fusion Fights League: Bryce Nowak versus Raymond Lawley

Bryce Nowak almost killed his opponent at Fusion Fight Leagues two weeks ago. 

FFL Featherweight Championship winner Bryce got some Nasty Knuckles

He put his opponent Raymond Lawley to the ground in just 9 seconds.

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