Hawaii Weekly Recap: Kale Moniz, Angela Lee, Keoni Diggs, Sumiko Inaba, Bobby Seronio III

Hawaii Weekly Recap: Kale Moniz, Angela Lee, Keoni Diggs, Sumiko Inaba, Bobby Seronio III

Kale Moniz’s viral knockout

Kale Moniz vs. Shane Torres

Kale Moniz made a statement at Fury FC 69 on September 23 at Gilley’s Dallas.

The 33-year-old Hawaiian traveled from Maui to Texas to fight Shane Torres.

Kale Moniz improved his record to 6-2 with an uppercut highlight reel in Round 3. Opponent Shane Torres laid flat on his back once the uppercut hit him.

Moniz didn’t fire any more shots when he realize opponent Shane Torres was down!

Fury FC 69 Kale Moniz vs Shane Torres
Photo: Fury FC official


Bellator 286: Keoni Diggs, Sumiko Inaba, and Bobby Seronio III took home the Wins

Bellator 286: Keoni Diggs vs. Ricardo Seixas

Bellator 286 Keoni Diggs
Photo: Bellator official

Keoni Diggs finally set the record straight after getting the victory over Ricardo Seixas at Bellator 286.

Keoni Diggs finally broke the L curse when he dominated Ricardo Seixas. He improved his record to 10 – 2.

Bellator 286: Bobby Seronio III vs. Miguel Peimbert

Bellator 286 Bobby Seronio III
Photo: Bellator official

Bobby Seronio III vs. Miguel Peimbert engaged in a three-round battle.

Bobby Seronio III, calling his second home Hawaii, went to war and got the unanimous decision to win.

Bobby proved his skills the third time by dominating Peimbert. He is undefeated with three wins.

Bellator 286 Bobby Seronio III 2
Photo: Bellator 286 official
Bellator 286 Bobby Seronio III 2
Photo: Bellator official


Bellator 286: Sumiko Inaba vs. Nadine Mandiau


Bellator 286 Sumiko Inaba
Photo: Bellator official

Hawaiian fighter Sumiko Inaba got her 5th consecutive win in Bellator.
She dominated the Belgian fighter Nadine Mandiau for three rounds.

This fight marked Sumiko’s unanimous decision that we t to the judges.

Sumiko Inaba got her first unanimous victory in her professional career. She had five wins: three knockouts, one submission, and one unanimous decision.

She finished four of her fights via knockout/submission. 

Bellator Sumiko Inaba 5-0

Photo: Bellator official


Angela Lee vs. Xiong Jingnan 3

Strawweight Championship title

Unfortunately, Angela Lee didn’t get the championship title at One Championship FC

In an MMA Controversy, Angela Lee disputed judges’s decision

angela lee dispute judges decision
screenshot: Angela Lee IG page


MMA: Controversy as Angela Lee loses bid for strawweight title in disputed decision
Photo: One Championship


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