Hawaii’s Kailin Curran Prepares for UFC 214

by Bryanna “Pink Ranger” Fissori


Kailin Curran is a busy girl these days, training for her sixth fight in the UFC Stawweight division which will take place on the stacked UFC 214 card on July 29th. Humble as always, the Hawaii native was able to find a quick moment in her schedule to talk to Xclusive MMA.

Curran was raised on the Island of Oahu, where she also got her start as a competitive martial artist.

“I would have to say thank you to my wrestling coaches from intermediate to high school (Campbell High). They gave me a solid foundation and a real sense of discipline and what it means to have discipline in life. Also to Animal House and Uncle Rick Lee who was my first kickboxing coach. That’s where I first learned to punch or kick. Also would like to thank MMA organizations in Hawaii such as Destiny for putting on fights that I was able to start my MMA career in.”

The first time Curran stepped in the cage was seven years ago at the Waipahu Filcom for Destiny MMA. As an amateur she also fought for X-1 World Events and 808 Battleground.

Kailin Curran fought her entire amateur career on the island.

Though she now lives and trains on the mainland, she still considers Hawaii home.

“What I miss the most being away from the island is my family and friends. Then the food,” said Curran. “I think Hawaii has the best fish and just food in general.”

When asked what her biggest challenge has been, she replied, “Challenges happen everyday. I just try my best everyday to learn and be open minded about everything and anything that life has to offer.”

Hawaii fighters have a different path than most other fighters training on the mainland. Aside from being an ocean away from big name promotions such as the UFC, Bellator and others, it is just like no where else.

“My advice to other fighters in Hawaii is simple. Work hard and never give up on your dreams and goals,” said Curran. “Always step out of your comfort zone and try your best to never be afraid of change.”

“Work hard and never give up on your dreams and goals”

Curran will step into the octagon on July 29th to face Aleksandra Albu at UFC 214 in Anaheim, California.

“I feel very fortunate to be able to fight on this card alongside some really great fighters and legends of the sport. Fans can expect another great fight from me,” said Curran. “I’ve been training really hard and have been putting in time sparring and visualizing. I’m going to give it all I got. Thank you for the continuous love and support.”

Kailin Curran would like to thank all of her fans in Hawaii and beyond as well as ATH supplements, Ai’pono meals, RVCA sport and her teammates and coaches.