Hawaii’s Richard Barnard will be facing Nafear Charles at Lank the King Promotion

Hawaii Boxing News: Richard Barnard will be making his 4th Professional Boxing fight tomorrow against Philadelphia’s Nafear Charles

Richard Barnard is a 31-year-old professional MMA and Boxer from Hawaii. He holds a record of 1 win, two losses in Boxing, and in MMA, two wins and six losses.

Barnard’s win at X1 World Event was terrific, a three-round battle where he broke his sheen. Barnard broke the shin and still got the win!

He faced a formidable opponent: Jeremiah Young.

They gave a wonderful performance; check the fight here:

Richard Barnard versus Jeremiah Young

Now, Barnard is ready to make a statement in Boxing at Lank the King Promotions.

Fighting along Barnard is Jaybrio Pe Benito

JAYBRIO PE BENITO vs Dillon Pousson at Lank Promotion Florida


Richard Barnard will be fighting Nafear Charles in Orlando, Florida. Lank, the King Promotion, presents Fight Night in Orlando.

Lank The King Promotion Orlando Florida

Nafear Charles is a 21-year-old fighter from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He holds an impressive boxing record of 6 wins and no losses.

Charles has a 100 percent finishing rate.

A tough match for Richard Barnard.


Who do you think will win?



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