When discussing the world’s fastest growing sport, Mixed Martial Arts, the subject of Mixed Martial Arts vs. Boxing and which is more amusing, constantly seems to find it’s way into the conversation. It’s an argument that strikes a nerve with perfectionists of both sports, however enjoyable to talk about.

As a fan of both sports, I hate to see what the world of boxing has done to itself. Yes, the majority of would indicate Don King and the corruption that has gone hand in hand with the sport for 10 years, but the problem is even more than that. The problem is the fact that fans are getting more excitement, action, and entertainment value for their dollar as compared to boxing.

The wearing down interest in boxing and it’s fan base starts with the absence of quality complimentary battles being broadcast on tv throughout the year. On the other hand, the UFC, which is MMA’s largest fight promotion has a number of complimentary “fight nights” airing on totally free television that have title implications in the ranks. StrikeForce just made waves with the finalizing of the world’s best pound for pound fighter in Fedor Emelianenko. They will try to make “Fedor” a household name, powered by the reality that they have an ongoing handle CBS for numerous totally free broadcasts a year.

Unlike boxing, in MMA the sports most significant figures are all well known and followed, while boxing fans hold on to ideas of Oscar De La Hoya and Roy Jones Jr. Boxing has method a lot of belts and weight departments to remain appropriate to the masses. What typical boxing fan can call all the belt holders at all the various weights? Few I imagine. Mixed Martial Arts has less weight classes, however genuinely control fighters that hold the belts.

Unfortunately, the problem with today’s MMA landscape, is the feuding and showmanship that has gone on in between competing companies and their management teams. Undoubtedly, the very first to come to mind to many would be Dana White. Or “Diva White” as some want to describe the man responsible for the resurgence of not just the UFC, but Mixed Martial Arts in general. It’s hard to knock a person responsible for putting MMA back on the map, but he appears to be at the core of a few of the problems that have risen with the negotiations that have actually gone on to put on battles between different promotions. This not only causes a loss for the celebrations involved, but actually for the fans that want to see these matches of the worlds greatest fighters, however probably will never ever get to witness.

It is my opinion though, that we as MMA fans must be thankful for Dana White’s capability along with the Fertitta bros to release the sport into the spotlight and continue to parlay that development into a rabid fan base. The fighters embody everything I ever enjoyed about the sport.

For the brand-new year let’s hope as fans of combat sports, that boxing remains to build on the momentum they have getting in the year, which the “business as usual” mindset that has for so long pestered the sport will not mess up perhaps the biggest battle of any enter history. And for the owners, CEO’s, and bean counters of Mixed Martial Arts’ greatest promos, cannot we all just get along?

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