Is Troy Lamson the Next Big Star of MMA?

3 Days to find out. A good looking man indeed with a good amount of self-confidence that comes from #hardwork and #discipline.
We Can’t wait to see you face-off with Alex Munoz, and see what’s next to your career!

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Troy Lamson

Record: 13-2
Age: 27
Weight class: LightweightHeight: 6’1″
Flint, Michigan
Next Fight:
 Oct. 12 vs. Alexander Munoz (5-0) at Trinity Sports Combat in Honolulu, HI. (UFC Fight Pass)

Background: Hardened by a reserved Flint mentality, as well as health issues as a child, Troy Lamson has always had a tough mentality. A birth defect resulted in Lamson having one third less of a lower intestine, which speeds up his metabolism and allows for him to cut weight more easily.

At 14 years old, Lamson began training MMA year-round. He competed in his first amateur fight before he started his senior year of high school. His success in wrestling translated into a Division I opportunity to compete for Michigan State University. With 10 MMA finishes on his pro record, Lamson has won his last seven fights.

The Skinny: Simply put, Lamson is the full package. He has the abilities, the athleticism, and the length inside the cage. Outside the cage, his image and personality make him an easy sell to fight fans. There aren’t many 6-foot-1 wrestlers with his brand of quickness, so he presents a unique matchup to any fighter he steps in the cage with. When the fight hits the mat, Lamson’s finishing abilities shine through. Submissions and stoppages by ground-and-pound are Lamson’s bread and butter.

In his own words: “First off, I’m a good looking man. Second off, I have the best tattoos in mixed martial arts. Thirdly, I bring the swagger to the cage that introduces itself into the fight. If you see somebody you can tell if they’re fake and the game’s not right.

“… I bring excitement. I’m a smart fighter, and I’m a tall fighter. Tell me this. When is the last time the tallest person in this division had Division I wrestling experience? So how do you beat a 6-1 wrestler? You either try to wrestle and get taken down, or stay on the outside and try to strike with the tallest guy in your division.”

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