Jair Rocha Islas upcoming Professional debut at Titans of Muay Thai

Lahaina, Hawaii – Jair Rocha Islas is about to make some noise on his upcoming PRO debut against Cody Sessions on September 14, Arkansas


After two years of being dormant from Fighting, Team Pyrokid finally gets to do what he loves and that’s putting on shows! The Pyrokid PRO fight is a Co-Main Event for Bantamweight Muay Thai Title

Fighter Details:

Name: Jair Rocha Islas
Age: 29
Birthday: 10.24.91
Ethnicity: Mexican
Born: TJ Mexico and Raised in Hawaii
Fighting out of: San Diego, California

Amateur Records:

MMA: 3-3
Muay Thai: 14-4
Boxing: 1-2

Titles held:

122 pound International Amateur Muay Thai Federation belt in San Diego
127-pound IKF South California State champion (Amateur)
135-pund Man Up Stand Up Champion in Hawaii

Training and Skills

All-around fighter – Muay Thai, Kickboxing, MMA, Boxing.

Training Partners and Gyms

Bomber Squad Academy
Savage Striking
Premiere Fight and Fitness


My goal is to get into One FC and UFC

Xclusive MMA Interview with Jair Rocha Islas 

How’s it Goin My name is Jair Rocha Islas
I’m 29
My birthday is 10.24.91
I’m 100% Mexican
I’m currently living in San Diego, California
I was raised on MAUI on the West Side, Lahaina, a slow, small town.
I was born in TJ, and I went to Maui when I was two years old.
I got no kids; I’m not married, just out here living a fight life.

As an amateur, I have a Record of 14 – 4 in Muay Thai, MMA 3-3, 1- 2 boxing

Something about Jair Rocha Islas…

I’m a super humble guy, don’t mistake my kindness for weakness type of attitude persona
I am super cool easy to vibe with That’s outside the ring, but inside the ring, I’m just an entertainer
They call me the pyro kid for a reason because I just like to light up my opponents and just put on a good show and have the crowd excited for the next round and wanting more

Typically how I fight,  it doesn’t matter if I’m the hammer or if I’m the nail.You want to see me fight because trust me, and we go out there we gong for WAR, kill or be killed type of attitude kind of thing.


Training and Skills

I say my best skills or asset that I have is I’m an all-around fighter, honestly
I’m pretty good wherever the fight can go, it doesn’t it matter if I do Muay Thai, Kickboxing, MMA, Boxing.
The reason why I practice these disciplines is that if I didn’t get a fight in one, I would like to get a fight in another one. So I can just stay active.

Hopefully one day I can do that, my goal is probably get into One FC and UFC.

Training Partners and Gyms

Right now my training is going good. I got a good fight team here in San Diego with the Seth Shepherd and Jeremy Shepherd.
Oahu boys are about to make some big noise with their gyms.
We represent for me Premiere Fight and Fitness i got a Lotta good guys and girls and I training for the upcoming fights about to be unleashed.
Pretty much everybody in our fight team is getting ready for a fight
Premiere Fight and Fitness is coming out with some fire

Jair Rocha Islas shout outs to Sponsors

I like to shout out my sponsors Bang4Bang Fight Gear – always have been supporting me, we’ll be rocking the ship to the end boy.

also shout out to freestyle Cut and Stitch always supporting me as well as Authentic Muay Thai Supply

Number one sponsor Jesus Christ

also forgot to mention that I train at Bopmber Squad Boxing Academy in Oklahoma and that’s where I do my own strength and conditioning
what a test fit

also got my boxing went to Spy Thai General Berlin and for my
Cardio Conditioning at the McQueen so shut out to them for always holding it down

Jair Rocha Islas Message to FANS

I can’t wait, we finally here Baby, took a long time but we here now. I can’t wait to put on a show for you all stay in tune

Jair Rocha Islas Message to Cody Sessions

Professional debut September 18 in Arkansas against a pretty game opponent his name is Cody Sessions as him around super cool guy

Definitely going to be a fight of the night. Im going out there to go to War and have some fun

Message to my opponent, thank you for taking the fight. You know we’re about to put on a show. I can’t wait so see you September 18, Arkansas baby about to be a fire.

Jair Rocha Islas is a Free Agent

right now currently not sign to any management so

I got to make my PRO debut, got to make a little noise first before I get notice so we are there this is what I waited for

Jair Rocha Islas Message to XclusiveMMA

All in due time, thanks bro also, when I give a shout out to MMA Hawaii for always supporting us fighters no matter where we are at and where we’re competing, you guys are well ones

keep doing what you were doing, about to put all of Hawaii on the map guarantee, EEEr