JAYBRIO PE BENITO got a new opponent: Rob Fuller


Jaybrio PE BENITO will now be facing Rob Fuller on May 8, 2021. After opponent Ndira Spearman is pulled out. 

Jaybrio PE BENITO is an upcoming boxer from Hawaii to watch out for.

Twenty-four years old, Pe Benito is married with four children. He is working full-time during the day in the sewer department in Hawaii. Pe Benito trains boxing after work with his coach Allen Kekuawela in the garage. Of course, he spars and box with the other boxers in town. 

Landing 2 knockouts on his professional boxing career, Pe Benito is ready to get his third win in the next few months.

Check out these two fight highlights courtesy of Pe Benito.

PE BENITO’s opponent is Rob Fuller, a 40 years old veteran MMA fighter from Lakewood, Colorado. When we say Veteran, we mean Veteran. Fuller started fighting in 2015. He has almost 21 MMA fights, both amateur and professional. 

He holds a record of 1 win and 11 losses. 

He also has one kickboxing bout.

This is a fascinating fight for Fuller since this is the first time he will take on Professional Boxing. He is one exciting fighter to watch, full of excitement and showmanship. 

Check this highlight reel out: 

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We believe that when Pe Benito gets the victory, he will turn his dream into reality. Lets open doors ! 



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