Josh Quinlan Darian Weeks to headline Dana White Contender Series

Hawaii Fighter News: Kauai-born Josh Quinlan and Darian Weeks will be headlining Dana White Contender Series on September 7, 2021.


LFA Vet Josh “JQ” Quinlan is yet to make the biggest fight of his career. Quinlan never experiences defeat in his MMA career, both professional (5-0) and amateur (6-0). 

The 28-year-old welterweight fighter Josh Quinlan had three consecutive knockout and submission wins in LFA.

Josh Quinlan, 5 and 0, will be facing a much more experienced fighter Darian Weeks. 

Josh Quinlan vs Darian Weeks Fight Highlights

Darian Weeks

Darian Weeks, a 27 years old Welterweight fighter, will face the biggest test of his MMA Career – Josh Quinlan. 

Darian Weeks never experience defeat in his professional career, professional (5-0) and amateur (17-4) 

Darian Weeks has a lot of experience in Amateur fights – traveling worldwide to he is IMMAF Vet!

Darian Weeks fought internationally and used to compete regularly. 

Darian Weeks also fought Boxing professionally with a 1-1 record, and his main reason is to stay active. 

Watch Darian Weeks retires Craug Fairly at his LFA debut!



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