Kai Kamaka iii will be facing Danny Chavez at UFC Fight Night

 Hawaii UFC News: Danny Chavez vs. Kai Kamaka III added to UFC Fight Night Hall vs Strickland


Kai “Da Fighting Hawaiian” Kamaka iii, 26 year old, has a fight record of 8-4-0 and 1-2 in the UFC. Very young at age but not with experience

July 31, 2021 – Las Vegas, Nevada. The much anticipated return of Kai Kamaka iii is finally here. Kai Kamaka iii is suffering a two consecutive losses in the UFC.

Da Fighting Hawaiian is ready to go back on the winning side. After suffering two consecutive losses, Kai will do anything to get a win.

Kai Kamaka is schedule to fight Danny Chavez “THE COLOMBIAN WARRIOR”

Danny Chavez is a 34 year old FEATHERWEIGHT and has a fight record of 11-4-0 / 1-1 in the UFC.


Watch Kai Kamaka iii losses in UFC

Jonathan Pearce snapped his 6th win streak. This was hard to watch because Jonathan Pearce completely dominated Kai Kamaka iii. Finally the referee has seen enough on the second round.

A controversial Split Decision loss to TJ Brown, Kai Kamaka iii with the Manager SuckerPunchENT made an attempt to appeal.

TJ Brown vs Kai Kamaka iii Fight Highlights