Kamuela Kirk vs Daniel Swain headlines LFA 107

Hawaii MMA News: Kamuela Kirk goes to war against Daniel Swain on May 14

LFA 107 presents Kirk vs. Swain on a Main Event Featherweight Bout


Kamuela Kirk received a call a little over two weeks ago to headline LFA 107. Kirk grabs the opportunity 

Kamuela “The Jawaiian” Kirk is a 27-year-old Featherweight professional fighter from Honolulu, Hawaii is representing Peoria, Arizona.

The Jawaiian looked good in his last fight in LFA. He faced the Brazilian Guilherme Santos and was able to display his skills in mix martial arts.

Kirk stands 5 feet nine inches tall and has a very long reach. Kirk can land kicks and punches without being too close to the opponent.

Kamuela holds a record of 10 wins and four losses. All via submission or knockout. Kirk is a finisher.

This will be the 5th time Kirk fight in LFA

He took out three opponents in LFA all in round one. Check out this fight highlights.

In 2019, The Jawaiian fought at Dana White Contender Series against Billy Quarantillo. He didn’t get the win, but he learned a lot from this fight

Kamuela Kirk is the number 1 ranked Pro Featherweights in Arizona.

Check out Kamuela Kirk vs Daniel Swain


Kirk is looking to extend his winning streak next Friday.

Fighting Kamuela Kirk is Daniel Swain

Daniel Swain is a 30-year-old Professional Featherweight fighter from Cordelane, Idaho.

Daniel “Agent Orange” Swain has an impressive amount of experience worldwide. He holds a record of 20 wins, ten losses, and one draw.

Swain always goes for the finish; his favorite weapon is submission, either via armbar or guillotine chokes.

Swain finished 17 of 20 wins

and has 14 First round finishes

In August last year, Swain fought at Dana White Contender Series. 

He faced a very powerful opponent – a 22-year-old Canadian name TJ Laramie.

Swain has injured his Rib, and they call it before the second round starts.

Swain is the number 16 ranked Professional Featherweight in the whole of United States.

Agent Orange also ranked number 4 in China.

Both fighters have the same height, but the Jawaiian has a more extended reach. 

Swain and Kirk are going to get their spot back at the TOP.

Who do you think will win?



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