Kamuela “The Jawaiian” Kirk made Daniel Swain retired at LFA 107

Hawaii MMA News: Kamuela Kirk retired Daniel Swain after two hard rounds


LFA 107 Main Event Kirk vs Swain.

Kamuela Kirk took the fight 12 Days Notice and got his 11th win.

Kirk dominated the rounds with his high kicks and hard punches. The Jawaiian has answers to Swain’s armbar attempts. 


In between the second round, Daniel Swain was heard retreating to his cornerman.

“I’m done. I just can’t do this anymore. I’m retired.” 

Kamuela Kirk maintains his 100 percent finishing rate. 

Congratulations on the job well done; who knows, maybe Dana White will call you personally for June 12 Arizona fight!

Opportunity waste no time for those who are unprepared.

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