Loik Radzhabov vs Zach Zane Highlights

Zach Zane submission loss to Loik Radzhabov at Eagle FC 44


Miami – Florida. The Eagle FC has landed, and so was that tight-standing Guillotine Choke by Loik Radzhabov.


That guillotine was TIGHT! Loik Radzhabov sinks in the choke and earns the first finish of the night at #EagleFC44!

Loik Radzhabov improved to 16-4, and Zach Zane dropped to 15-10 


Loik Radzhabov vs. Zach Zane Highlights


Loik Radzhabov vs Zach Zane Highlights


Xclusive MMA : 

Zach Zane accepted the fight with Less than TEN DAYS NOTICE! 

In the first round, Zach Zane couldn’t get out of that standing guillotine choke. We must not forget that Zach Zane is a warrior for accepting this fight against a PFL Veteran and a tough opponent such as Loik Radzhabov. 

You’ll don’t want a piece of Loik, but Zane stepped up, made weight, and showed off.