Makoa Cooper vs. Ratavious Williams

Makoa Cooper makes his PRO debut against Ratavious Williams at Titan FC 74, in Florida

  • Friday 03.04.2022 at 06:00 PM ET
  • U.S. Broadcast: UFC Fight Pass
  • Promotion: Titan FC
  • Ownership: Titan Entertainment
  • Venue: Hyatt Regency Miami
  • Location: Miami, Florida

Makoa Cooper, 21 years old, has an amateur record of 2 wins and no losses. He last fought in Kauai, Hawaii, at Ainofea Fight Promotion against Fernando Nieves. He knocks him out cold in the first round.


Makoa Cooper vs Ratavious Williams Titan FC 74

It was not easy to find an opponent for the Makoa or any Cooper brothers in Hawaii; nobody wanted to fight them, as per sources from X1 World Events. Makoa Cooper had last-minute flight cancellation at X1 56, where Nathan McKenzie stepped in and took the bout. After surviving round 1, McKenzie didn’t want to continue.

The Cooper brothers are known to be notorious in the Cage. True warriors’ blood is running in their veins. 

Makoa Cooper will be fighting RATAVIOUS “Playboy” WILLIAMS of Alabama. 

Ratavious Williams, 25 years old, has a fight record of 1 win and three losses. He won 1 only fight back in 2013 when he knocked out Joe Stanford.