Man Up Stand Up Nov 30, 2018

Aawh yeah, it’s getting close gangy. Can’t wait for Nov 30th at the Waipahu Filcom Center.

Man up & Stand up 2018 End of the Year show. Yessah, Randy Kamaiopili is back & he’s coming after Chadrach Gushi’s 165# title.
Randy came in a little over the required weight the first time he had his eyes on this title.
But this time, the only thing that is gonna be over, is his overhand right.
Chadrach better have that left hand high or game over. Chadrach was unsure at first if he was gonna be able to defend his title due to his work schedule.
Like a true Man up & Stand up champion, he chose not to give up his title but to defend his title.
Das right. There’s gonna be some big swings in this match. Believe that.
We’ve got 2 seven year old girls Layla Burgess & Angelique Tangaro ready to show ya’ll what young ladies with skills can do. No, they don’t like trying on dresses & prancing around in front of the mirror with it. They like trying on gloves & shadowboxing in the mirror. Heehee.

We also mentioned that the two comeback queens Jennifer Flores & Chabrielle Gushi are going to bang it out Muay Thai style. To make things interesting, Man up & Stand up is putting up a superfight title for this one.

Yup, yup, game on. We also got Jordan Baker from Oahu & Cullen Rapozo from Kauai just added to the card. Their both making their debut. It’s gonna be mayjah gang. Be there.

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Randy Kamaiopili is back & he’s coming after Chadrach Gushi’s

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