Max Holloway meets Yair Rodriguez in November 13, 2021 

Hawaii Fighter News: Max Holloway meets Yair Rodriguez on November 13, 2021

Yair Rodriguez meets Max Holloway : Trailer

Max Holloway will square off against Yair Rodriguez! The featherweight bout will take place on Nov 13. This has the potential to be the fight of the year! Or another landslide performance from Max Holloway. Both fighters are known for their dynamic striking skills. In January, Max Holloway made history in Abu Dhabi. Holloway erased UFC records and set the bar higher than any fighter ever did. Significant strikes landed, significant strikes attempt, Max sets every single strike record in UFC History.  Max Holloway meets Yair Rodriguez at UFC Fight Night in Glendale, Arizona, on July 17.  Max Holloway vs. Yair Rodriguez Yair Rodrigues makes a comeback and better welcomes him than the number one favorite Featherweight of the world, Max Holloway.  A hell of a way to make a comeback. We had not seen Yair in the octagon since 2019, when he was suspended for six months. He had a whereabouts failure during a 12 month USADA test.  With his first fight back, Yair will be facing off against former featherweight champion and fan-favorite Max Holloway, whose last fight ended in an epic dominant win over Calvin Kattar.  How do you think this one goes? We predict that Max Holloway will win. Let’s go Hawaii



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