MMA report on Tap by Derek feat TJ Killshaw, Meisha Tate, Takanori Gomi, Joe Lauzon and more!!!

Derek Thornton back again to give you some Xclusive MMA on Tap! Another wild weekend of FREE! I mean FREE! Combat content. (Free for us to watch, while they pulled $1.3 million at the gate!). But nonetheless one of the best FREE cards Joe Silva and the gentlemen at Zuffa ever put together. Thank you fighters first, and thank you UFC next.
We here at Xclusive MMA appreciate the coverage from the talking heads at FOX, but we need to spread and show some MMAloha to our people out here in the beautiful pacific!
Fantastic fights, back and forth madness and finishes that the referee didn’t even catch! Let’s start with the Champ Mr. TJ Killashaw..need I say more??!! Absolute MMA seminar administered yet again on long time reigning Spartan Mr. Barao, who was finished yet again in a very close similarity to his last outing, delusion ally believes he needs a trilogy fight to prove that he can’t beat the Champ with his current training regimen, (some fighters just don’t know when to hang it up, and this would be the time for Barao).

tj dillshaw ufc
Meisha killed it, she worked hard, fought hard, and won quite easily on paper, and she had her opponent right where she wanted her, and forced her repeatedly into her style of competition and sealed the deal for her next attempt at gold. This will be her second attempt, so losing would not be a good reason to keep participating in uphill battles (please refer to end comments of the previous paragraph).
Joe Lauzon demolishes Takanori Gomi in minutes of a fight that aesthetically looked super lopsided, and equally showed in the brutal fashion Lauzon finished the fight (Lauzon should get part of Herb Deans paycheck he stopped his own fight). Gomi, who was great at one point, should know it’s time to hang those gloves up, and do bigger, less head trauma based activities.
Joe Lauzon demolishes Takanori Gomi in the UFC
Tom Lawlor is fighting, don’t blink (although I know you want to, you never know what he is going show up in or doing, but Reebok put an end to that), puts his name in the 205LB hat as a force to contend with, during his clash with hard hitting Gian Villante, knocking him out in the 2nd round of a fight that could have gone either way at that particular junction.
Tom Lawlor knocks out Gian Villante
Barboza and Felder was a good match with no real winner, as both fighters were executing the same techniques unsuccessfully, while still remaining aggressive, I feel that there was a safety zone that both combatants fell into once they realized that neither was afraid to engage in high risk low reward MMA techniques that sometimes take the excitement out of these similar fighting style match-ups.
Other than those barn burning matches, and the rest of the card, on down to the first preliminary match, the overall event was worth taking the day off, curling up next to the your flat screen, and watching some true superheroes put it all on the line and show the fans their passion and fighting spirits!
So tune in with Xclusive MMA Saturday August 1, 2015 at the Blasidell Arena in Honolulu, Hawaii, for Destiny Na Koa X, and witness five title matches, a highly anticipated rematch and on July 31 BJ Penn’s Just Scrap is going down in Hilo for local MMA galore! get your tickets now and check out Xclusive MMA for any and all of your MMA news and information.!

Live Local MMA in Hawaii Aug 1

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Derek Thornton,
See you at the fights!!