Nainoa Dung defeated Izzy Williams : Bellator 256 prelims

Hawaii MMA News: Nainoa Dung gets the W 

Nainoa Dung fought head to head against Izzy William on April 9 at Bellator 256: Bader vs Machida 2

The young 22 years old made another statement last weekend that he belongs to the big cage. Winning a unanimous decision fight, he and Izzy William went the distance.

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Here is a play – by – play result and round scoring – courtesy of Sherdog


Nainoa Dung defeated Izzy William via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)



Next up it’s “The Baby-Faced Assassin” vs. “Izzy,” as Nainoa Dung (3-2 | 2-2 Bellator) faces Isaiah William (4-3 | 0-0 Bellator) in a match of guys who really should have had to fight the original owners for these nicknames. The lightweights go to work under the watchful eye of Bryan Miner. Both men set up in orthodox stance, and it’s Dung who scores first with a couple of jabs. William comes forward and throws a kick that falls short, and Dung springs in with a quick three-piece. William with a front kick up the middle, which also falls short. A clear speed advantage, as well as reach for the Hawaiian in the early going. Dung throws a fast left high kick that glances off William’s guard. William throwing kicks and being countered with one-twos, over and over. Dung starting to land some low kicks of his own suddenly blasts William with a lead left hook to the liver, which he doubles up to the head, dropping him. William springs back up. Two minutes left, William drops levels and trips Dung to the canvas in the center of the cage. William in half guard, looking to set up an arm triangle, Dung rolls him over and William stands, throwing kicks to the supine Hawaiian. A kick lands on the cup, and we get our second low blow break of the evening. Miner restarts the action with 37 seconds left on the clock. William comes forward, and again it’s Dung stinging him with punches. The round expires. 10-9 Dung.


Dung comes out southpaw to open Round 2 and throws a left head kick that William blocks. Dung stings William with a left cross. William keeps marching forward, landing a sidekick, but thus far, he’s having trouble navigating the range and speed of Dung. Dung lands another left hook to the liver. William drops levels and runs Dung to the floor. Dung grabs a guillotine choke, which he does not abandon even as William lands in side control. Dung, lets go and get half-guard. William is on top, against the cage, with half around to work. Before beginning to set up another head-and-arm choke, William, with heavy top pressure, using a forearm to the chin and throat. Dung bucks him off, and again, it’s Williams standing over him, throwing kicks as Dung responds with kicks. Under a minute left, William dives in with a standing-to-ground punch that lands hard. Dung squirms as William jump on him and seize a front headlock. Dung escapes stand over William, and is throwing punches as the round expires. 10-9 William.


Dung zaps William with another southpaw left straight. William lands a shot to the body. Dung shoots for a takedown which William sprawls on easily. William gets a front headlock, then spins to north-south. After a moment, he moves to side control. William drops short, grinding elbows to Dung’s head. Dung explodes, bucks William off, and ends up, for the third straight round, on his back with William over him, exchanging kicks. William tosses the legs aside and drops right into side control. Dung is bleeding from the nose. Dung throws his legs up, looking for perhaps an armbar, and William moves to north-south. Dung bucks again, and this time scrambles to the top position, where he sets up in three-quarter guard. Dung sitting upright in William’s guard, throwing occasional punches. They stand at the clapper, and William comes forward with one last glancing punch before the final bell. 10-9 William (29-28 William).