After two years, it’s Time to OpenUpHawaiiMMA

After two years, it’s Time OpenUpHawaiiMMA! 



EVER WONDER WHY YOU haven’t seen your favorite MMA fighter on local cage lately? Not because they hang up the Gloves, but because it’s not permitted. 



We have been mandated from doing events. It’s just about two years. For those who don’t know, every MMA event has to be approved and permitted by the State. No permit means no event.


It is hard to believe that mixed martial arts are too dangerous to hold events. We will be on two years of no mixed martial arts events due to our State being denied an event permit. Yet, concerts, comedy shows, other martial arts events, and the Honolulu Marathon all have gotten the green light!

It’s amazing how certain large planned events have been green, especially anything involving tourism. We have been patient for almost two years now. While certain circumstances are deemed safe, and others are not even considered. The logic at this point doesn’t hold up; it’s basically discrimination against the sport we all love.

The athletes and fight promotions have been set back two years. We believe it’s time to let the mixed martial arts events get back to providing a healthy physical and emotional outlet for all Hawaii’s athletes, especially the mixed martial artist!  

It’s time!