Pat Miletich: "Robbie Lawler Would Absolutely Wreck Georges St-Pierre"

UFC Hall Of Famer Pat Miletich lately talked to the folks at Submission Radio, and detailed why he really feels existing UFC Welterweight Champion Robbie Lawler is a bad style match-up for former champ Georges St-Pierre.

“I think at the time Georges St. Pierre was the champion and I informed folks, and a bunch of individuals laughed at me regarding that, yet I claimed Robbie Lawler is the worst possible match for George St. Pierre,” stated Miletich in the meeting, which you could hear through the YouTube gamer embedded over. “Robbie will definitely wreck him.”.
Robby LawlerGeorge St Pierre

Miletich proceeded, “As well as now clearly we didn’t reach find out about that match up since Georges has tipped away for a while, or possibly completely, we have no idea. However Robbie is a bad pair up for nearly any person as a result of his ability and just how dangerous he is as well as how tough he hits.”.
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Miletich, a former UFC champ himself, elaborated, explaining why he feels his former pupil Lawler is a bad design match-up for GSP.

“Georges was a person that was very good at the transition game, very good at making people think they’re in a boxing match as well as attacking takedowns when folks the very least anticipate it,” claimed Miletich.” [He was] great at holding people down, great at managing people, as well as very dang excellent with his stab as well as establishing stuff up off of that stab, yet Robbie is a far more enhanced striker than Georges is. He attacks considerably harder and Georges certainly would not be able to hold Rob down and also ride out a decision. It just wouldn’t take place.”.

Miletich wrapped up, “So offered those 2 points, it would not be an excellent match-up for Georges duration.”.