Pololu Nakanelua new opponent: Mark Climaco!

The third time’s the charm for the Hawaiian warrior Pololu Nakanelua, new opponent Mark Climaco steps in at the LFA 101. 

Mark Anthony Climaco is a 23 years old professional MMA fighter representing the Philippines and fighting out of Hayward, California. 

Climaco has a straight record of 4 wins; no losses also having a current eight winning streaks. He won his last fight at UWC 25 in Tijuana, New Mexico, last month! Feb 26, 2021! Climaco defeated Rafael Nuñes via Ground and pound on Round 1. 

This undefeated MMA fighter will be making his LFA debut this coming Friday, facing the Hawaiian Pololu “The Poi Pounder” Nakanelua. 

The Poi Pounder always bring his hammer fist on the cage and with a good amount of wrestling on his pocket, this make him a very, very dangerous opponent.  Undefeated Professional fighter from Maui, Pololu is looking to extend his winning streak into 5! Yes, he has a record of 4 and 0 as Pro and 5-3 fight experience as an amateur fighter.

This fight cannot wait any more, undefeated versus undefeated! 

Whose perfect record will be broken, and who will make a mark on their LFA debuts?