Punahele Soriano upcoming bout against Brendan Allen

Hawaii MMA News: Punahele “Puna” Soriano undefeated record is on the line.

Punahele Soriano is back in July after that historic knock out in January.

The undefeated fighter Puna Soriano has been accumulating number of wins in the UFC. 2 wins to date, will this be his three?

The 28 year old staff at Xtreme Couture Las Vegas is now back on his fight camp. Punahele Soriano has undefeated record of 8 wins and finishes 7 of them.

Fighting PUNA Soriano is Brendan Allen

WATCH Puna Soriano vs Brendan Allen Trailer

Brendan “All In” Allen is an impressive fighter and the pride of Louisiana. Allen is only 25 years old, yet holds a magnificent record of

16 wins, 4 losses.

2019 is the most important year for Brendan Allen:

  • Brendan Allen became the LFA Champion.
  • Earned contract at Dana White Contender Series
  • Brendan Allen made his UFC debut and won!


Brendan Allen fought 5 times in the UFC and won four of them.



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