Ray Cooper III upcoming bout against Rory MacDonald

Hawaii Fighter News : PFL #7 Playoffs presents the Welterweight bout against the reigning Champion Ray Cooper iii vs Rory MacDonald in August 13, 2021

Ray Cooper iii and Rory MacDonald are equal in experience, both have 22-7-1 fight record. Only difference is Ray Cooper has earned Welterweight Title and won the million dollars in the 2019 playoffs.

The event will take place on August 13, 2021, at Ocean Resort Casino, Atlantic City.

MacDonald and Cooper III will be the MAIN EVENT of the PFL SEMI-FINALS TOURNAMENT. 

Cooper said during the 2021 PFL 2 media day.

“I’ll stomp Rory MacDonald twice – ‘if he even makes it through the season.”

“We’ll see how his body holds up, and let’s see how mentally tough all these other fighters that have to fight four times within six months (are),” Cooper said. “I did it twice. I’ve got eight fights in these two years. So we’ll see how tough these guys are.”

 PFL 2021 #7: Rory MacDonald vs. Ray Cooper III official for August 13, 2021