Results: SEC & X-1 #48.5

Main Card

Main Event

Billy Takeuchi def Jireh Torres-Umi via Rear Naked Choke Rnd 2

(Professional X-1 135 lb Title)

There may not have been a lot of power shots landed in the first round, but part of that is because these smaller fighters were both moving like lightening. Takeuchi kept Torees-Umi backing toward the cage much of the round, but when you put an animal in a corner they are going to do what they need to do to get out. For Torres-Umi that was a takedown off of Takeuchi’s kick and he was able to keep Takeuchi on his back for the little time that remained in the round.

Now aware of what he was working with Takeuchi stuffed Torres-Umi’s takedown attempt in the second round ended up in a solid grappling position. Takeuchi was able to transition to Torres-Umi’s back for the rear naked choke submission win.   

Co-Main Event

Sale Sproat def David Douglas via TKO Rnd 2

(X-1 Professional MMA 185 title)

The barrage of technical punches Sproat was able to execute with Douglas’s back against the cage would have been enough to stop most fighters. Douglas turned out to be as tough as they come. Sproat secured a takedown part way through round one, which backfired shortly after as he fought his way out a tight guillotine. Sproat secured top mount and most of the crowd thought the fight was almost over. A failed armbar attempt left Sproat on his back with Douglass raining down punches. From there Sproat has to survive the ground and pound while working to get back to his feet, which he was unable to do before the end of the round.

Douglas came out swinging in round two with new found confidence, but Sproat quickly resumed control and the fight became a back and forth battle of technique and heart. Just when Sproat had Douglas trapped with another flurry of hard punches, Douglas chanced levels and shot for a successful double. Sproat weathered the ground and round and then reversed and mounted Douglass, who was finally slowing down from the bombs Sproat was throwing and Sproat secured the TKO win. Both fighters were exhausted from the two rounds of war. It was a great fight for the fans.

Jace Kaopua def Kimo Lee via TKO Rnd 1 

(Professional MMA 170lbs)

After the feel-out phase wore off, Kaopua landed a clean long left hand, right on the button, dropping Lee. A short follow-up of punches granted Kaopua the TKO win.


Namakana Pa-kala def Clemet Capelle via TKO Rnd 1

(Amateur MMA 205lb SEC title)

Both these big boys came out swinging and landing hard at the sound of the bell, for what looked like it would unfold as a great scrap. After the initial adrenaline wore off and after taking a couple of clean shots, Capelle lost steam and spent the later part of the round covering up before being caught hard and folded, awarding Pa-kala the TKO finish.


Sandy Aviguetero def Zaxton Kamaka via Unanimous decision

(Amateur MMA SEC 145 lb Title)

Aviguetero spent most of round one adjusting to the obvious height discrepancy as Kamaka kept him literally at arms length with sharp jabs and a long guard. I

The kicks started to come from both sides in the second round with Aviguetero landing frequently to the lead leg of Kamaka, followed by body shots. A big flurry landed by Aviguetero gave him some extra momentum heading into the third.

Kamaka’s jabs lost some of their pop in the third round as Aviguetero found his timing and was able to end the round with a takedown, putting him in a secure mounted position and sealing the decision win.

Davy Malaythong def Kyle Kaahanui via Armbar Rnd 1

(Amateur MMA 170 SEC Title)

Displaying excellent grappling pressure and ground control, Malaythong was able to follow up on a hard won takedown, securing position and well-balanced transitions before winning via armbar submission.


Adam Azimov def Chuck Amerson via TKO rnd 1

(Amateur MMA 155 lbs)


Devin Yamada def Jared Gonda via Unanimous decision

(Amateur MMA 135 lbs)


Pololu Nakanelua def Jai Troche via Verbal Submission Rnd 1

(Amateur MMA 135 lbs)


Dane Porlas def Geremy Santiago via TKO Rnd 1

(Amateur MMA 135 lbs)


Julio Moreno def Joe Manuia via Unanimous decision

(Amateur MMA 130 lbs)


Dayton Esposito def Bryadon Torres via TKO Rnd 2

(Amateur Kickboxing 140 lbs)