Rodney Kealohi Juancamilo Ronderos upcoming bout in March

Hawaii MMA News:  Returning to the LFA Octagon is Rodney “The Captain” Kealohi

After his spectacular LFA DEBUT last year against Mefi Monterosso, The Captain is ready to put on a show. 

The fight ended in the very first 30 seconds via a Flying Knee to the body and punches. 

What a Debut! 

The captain has a fight record of 5 wins and one loss. His current streaks are four and looking to extend to five! 

Watch Rodney Kealohi and Juancamilo Ronderos fight news and fight facts:

Rodney Kealohi is fighting  Juancamilo Ronderos.


He was born in Bogotá, Colombia, and fighting out of Las Vegas, Nevada. He has an undefeated PRO record of 4 and 13 current win streaks. 

He last fought in WXC, a fight promotion in Detroit, Michigan. He won via Split Decision against Shelton. 

Shelton had much, much more fight experience. 

This is going to be one hell of a fight! 

This is another chance for both fighters to prove who belongs on the big show. 

Best believe The Captain is coming for everything.

Watch the show at LFA or stay tuned at Exclusive MMA for fight news.