Kailin Curran: First Hawaii Lady to make the UFC

We have actually all heard the stories from the Hawaiian fighters who decorated the UFC roster for many years, from Penn to Holloway, Grove to Tavares. They all spoke of Hawaii having a combating culture that didn’t always restrict itself to the cages and rings.

That was the male variation of matters. So, Kailin Curran, the first female competitor from Hawaii to be signed to the UFC, is it the same way for the women?

“It is,” she chuckles. “Unfortunately, as much as there are person battles out of the cage, there are a great deal of lady fights too. I’ve never ever been in one outside of the cage, but I’ve heard of them, seen them. Rugged Hawaiian ladies.”.

Ewa Beach’s Curran, 23, keeps her combating restricted to the Octagon, where she will make her launching on Saturday versus fellow UFC newcomer Paige VanZant. For the freshly set up strawweight department, this is viewed as a glance of the future, but when speaking to the unbeaten Curran, she thinks her time is now.

Kailin Curran

“I seem like I’m always prepared, and I’ve been doing it for so long currently,” she said. “I’m a quick learner, so simply by being right here (in southern California) I have actually found out a lot, and enjoying TUF (20) and seeing the skill, I feel like I’m right there next to all the ladies that are on the program. I feel like I prepare and I seem like this battle that they’re offering me is in fact the ideal matchup for me. I train like a champion, so I feel ready.”.

Now residing in southern California, where she works at the Reign Training Center in Lake Forest and Art of 8 in San Diego, Curran gave up island life to pursue her combating dreams, ones she’s had since she first started kickboxing in 2006. Back then, she was competing just for enjoyable with a group of her buddies. Eight years later, she’s the last one standing.

“It’s pretty much only me from that group,” she stated. “Everybody else went their separate ways. Some had some kids, were working, college. I’m the only one that basically stuck it out. But it was cool that we all begun together. It gave me motivation in the beginning to be along with my friends, who were doing it also.”.

Curran remains in contact with the buddies from her early training days, and needless to say, they’re very excited to see one of their own make it to the greatest stage in combined martial arts.

“They’re truly happy with me and pleased with how far I’ve come,” Curran stated. “They’re very stired. They always inform me ‘we understood you ‘d make it,’ because of my devotion and because of how active I remained after everyone else stopped fighting.”.

Simply 3-0 as a pro, it’s important to point out that Curran likewise had six amateur fights, along with a wrestling background that she didn’t precisely appreciate at the time.

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