Tim Teves battles Regivaldo Carvalho at CFFC MMA on Oct 2

Tim Teves will fight Regivaldo Carvalho at CFFC MMA this coming Saturday. 

Hawaiian Fighter News – Kauai’s Timothy Teves accepted a last-minute fight for a Catchweight bout at CFFC MMA on Saturday, October 2, 2021. Regivaldo Carvalho was supposed to fight BJ “RicanRebel” Young but was out of the fight for unpublished reasons.

Tim Teves last fought at LFA 104 on April 16 this year. Tim Teves fought Javier Garcia, where he displayed a different skill level on his strikings and movements. Teves did so well on all three rounds, but Garcia caught him on a tight Guillotine Choke on the last 16 seconds of the fight. It wasn’t very pleasant for Teves and Teves fans. 

Teves has a fight record of 5 wins and three losses. 

Tim Teves vs Regivaldo Carvalho


Tim Teves wants to bounce back on his losing two streaks will face Regivaldo Carvalho. 

Regivaldo Carvalho is an MMA Fighter from Sao Paolo, Brazil, fighting out of Danbury, Connecticut. 

Regivaldo Carvalho last fought in LFA on December 4, 2020. Unfortunately, Regivaldo Carvalho got KO via SLAM on the second round by opponent Mo Miller. 

Regivaldo Carvalho has a fight record of 5 wins and three losses, the same as Tim Teves!

Tim will be facing Regivaldo Carvalho from Brazil.
Carvalho has a fight record of 5 wins and three losses. Regivaldo wants a redemption on his LFA debut loss in December 2020

Who do you think wins?