Toughan Hawaii: Adrian Lee submits Sebastian Prangley

Adrian Lee finished Sebastian Pragley to get the Hawaii Pankration MMA title.

Adrian lee with big brother double division champ Christian Lee
Katie with baby, Adrian and big brother Christian

Adrian Lee mma Adrian Lee with sister Victoria Lee

The Legendary Lee family has successfully unleashed the fourth member of the Lee siblings to the MMA World – Adrian Lee. Adrian Lee, the fourth brother of the MMA Legend Angela, Christian, and Victoria.

Lee’s first amateur debut was held in Hilo, Hawaii. (Kanakaole Tennis Stadium) 

Participants include Rysaiah Abadilla, son of former Toughman Hawaii lightweight champion Riquio Abadilla, plus Aleka Rincon Jr, Richard Pavao, Uriyah Elaban, Keeyan Flores, Gemar Alvarado, Skyler Alvarado, Capone Sunberg, Isaiah Grace, Reign Respicio, Justin Wolf, Richie Wolf, Kanalu Alama, Janson Keanu, Ryan and Elijah Joaquin, Fury Ma’afala, Ilihia Sanborn, Kaya Wakana-Lee, Adrin Solozano, Mikah Grace and more.

There isn’t currently any fight footage available, but Lee shared a photo of himself on Instagram with the belt.

Amateur action

Sabastian Prangley representing AKA, traveled from Idaho to fight Lee. According to Tapology, The American was listed as 1-0 as an amateur. 

In a short video shared by double champ Christian Lee on Instagram, Adrian can be seen picking Prangley up and slamming him to the ground. Both fighters wore head protection, shin guards, and padded amateur MMA gloves.

Toughman Hawaii was held at the Edith Kanakaole Tennis Stadium, where ONE Championship stars Christian Lee, Angela Lee, and Victoria Lee. It is a matter of time until their younger brother signs with Yodchatri’s One Championship promotion. 

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