Trinity Combat Sports 2/24/17 MMA Event Results

KAPOLEI, HAWAII, February 24, 2017 – Trinity Sports Combat, an up and coming Hawaii MMA Promotion, hosted “Kings,” in front of a packed house at iTrampoline in Kapolei, Hawaii.

This promotion has a new take on bringing up talent on the island. The “triple threat” format that is not uncommon on the island has been adapted by Trinity SC into different competition classes to fit specific ages and experience levels. The basic premise is one round of kickboxing, one round of boxing with takedowns and one round of submission grappling. The idea is to provide a safe environment for fighters to progress in the sport from a young (or old) age. The promotion also hosted single round submission grappling matches, and of course, MMA matches complete with championship belts.

The Main event was the 135 lb title fight, though there were two other MMA matches in that same weight class earlier on the main card, which could mean there’s a lot of potential in that weight class coming up the ranks.

Main Card

Jeff Nojo defeated Donovan Parilla via Unanimous Decision

135 lb Amateur MMA Title

Nojo established cage control for the majority of round one keeping Parilla pressured against the cage before pulling guard for a guillotine attempt. Though the choke was fairly well secured, Parilla fought hard to save his neck and was able to do so before the end of round one, finding a little time to try and work from the guard.

At the start of round two Parilla was able to put Nojo on his back quickly, but Nojo used the position to transition through a series of submission attempts and some ground and pound before the fighters made their way back to their feet. Fast stand up exchanges to close distance kept the fighter coming back to clinch repeatedly throughout the round.

The third round was a heart test for both fighters. Both battled hard to establish pressure against the cage from the clinch, throwing in punches, knees and take down attempts from close range. Nojo ended up in dominant ground and pound position where he capitalized on striking from top for a good amount of time during the final push, ultimately securing the decision win and the Trinity Sport Combat 135 Amateur Title.

Chuck Anderson defeated Shaun Somera via Rear Naked Choke

170 lb Triple Threat Class A

Both fighters came out swinging hard but Anderson’s was landing the cleaner strikes. Somera (who gallantly took the fight on short notice) had an obvious tendency to block and use head movement with his head arched forward, which made him susceptible to damage and also gave the appearance of damage being taken even sometimes when he had not taken much.

 The forward lean of Somera was helpful in the second round for getting in on wrestling style takedown attempts. The more aggressive wrestler, Somera shot persistent power doubles, many of which were stuffed early on in the round, but found a few successes toward the end of round two.

 In the submission grappling round, once the fighters hit the ground Anderson established position, eventually finding his way to Somera’s back where he grinded out the rear naked choke for the submission win.

Triple Threat at Trinity Sports Combat

Cliff Barker defeated Ron Aurello via first round TKO

133lb Amater MMA

This was a very simple fight to describe. Barker walked out, touched gloves and took Aurello down before a punch could be thrown. A quick and powerful ground and pound session took place for a matter of seconds before the TKO win was called for Barker.

Jerome Macalino defeated v Brandon Finn via 2nd round TKO

155 lb Amateur MMA

 Both fighters came out carefully measuring their distance and with good reason. Once the two clinched up they had death grips. Macalino landed two takedowns in the first round, the second one establishing a mount position and transitioning to an armbar following the movement of Finn. Finn escaped and capitalized on the top position he found himself by throwing punches until the bell, which followed shortly, ending round one.

 Round two hosted a firey kick range display, which lasted until Finn lost his balance in the stand off and landed on his back. Macalino followed him down with a vengeance, landing long punches from ground and pound range for the TKO win.

 Joseph Manuia defeated v Tay Standford via unanimous decision

135 lb Amateur MMA

 Manuia opened round one with multiple side kicks which only caused a brief moment of hesitation for Standford before he took control with high volume flurries of kicks and punches. The strategy served him well until he got taken down against the cage by Manuaia who was quick to initiate ground and pound, keeping Standford down for the rest of the round.

 Standford was taken down early in round two but recovered guard to defend. Manuia was able to land some punishing body shots from the position and remained in top control throughout the entire round.

 For the last push Standford came out swinging and landing in round three and but was put down again after a short stint of cage work. Without making any viable attempts to get of his back or submit his opponent, Standard locked guard while Manuia worked to re-establish a good position for ground and pound.

Kaulana Kapoi- Halemano v Kila Hinau –Exhibition

60 lbs Triple Threat Class B

Joe Whitford defeated Jared “Boy” Gonda via 3rd round Arm Bar

50 lb Triple Threat Class B Title

Cody Hirose defeated Taylor Marniya via 3rd Round Head and Arm Choke

135 lb Triple Threat Class B

Robert Anduha defeated Charles Hartman via Unanimous Decision

160 lb Triple Threat Class B

Jahrin Lino v Dustin Harraway – Draw

165 lb Submission Grappling

Dez Ontai defeated Sam Mench via Leg Lock

145 lb Submission Grappling

Alika Wong defeated Zach Close via Knee Bar

145 lb Submission Grappling

Calvin Tacey defeated Eric Binger via Unanimous Decision

175 lb Submission Grappling

Lopaka Lono defeated Thomas Reyes via Unanimous Decision

155 lb Triple Threat Class A

Kids Kickboxing at Trinity Combat Sports