by Bryanna “Pink Ranger” Fissori

JUNE 16, 2017- Waipahu, Hawaii.


Still one of the newest Hawaii promotions on the block, Trinity Sport Combat was able to pack the Waipahu, Filcom for a night of local martial arts action in a family friendly setting. Competitors of all ages showcased their skills in multiple disciplines. The structure of the promotion is strategically organized to allow students of the martial arts to build their experience in the cage doing what they love whether it is striking, grappling or ultimately mixing the disciplines in MMA competition. If you missed the show, check below for a recap of the bouts.

Main Event

Jahin Lino defeated Bronson Delima via First Round Head and Arm Choke

AMMA 155lbs Title

The initial stand up exchange from these two title contenders was a minimal. To start the real action, Delima took a shot on Lino, during which Lino countered with double under hooks, landing a takedown in the middle of the cage. Lino kept the pressure on from half guard but was unable to do any damage before being reversed to his back. Delima attempted to secure a choke as Lino fought to get up but was unsuccessful and they found themselves in a standing clinch.

Lino used the double under takedown again landing on top.  Delima immediately started working to set up a submission off his back. Ignoring any potential ground and pound opportunities, Lino, in half guard kept the pressure on Delima’s neck. When Delima opened his half to bump, Lino passed all the way to the opposite side to secure the head and arm choke from side control for the submission win and 155 lb Trinity Kings Amatuer MMA Belt Title.

Co-Main Event

Aileen Maquiraya defeated Jada Pereira via Decision

AMMA 115lbs

There was not a lot of action in round one, though it was obvious that each fighter had a very different style,. Maquiraya displayed high bouncy, energy with constant movement. This was a strong contract to the calm stalking style o f Pereira.

The action was still minimal in round two and three with a lot leg kicks from Maquiraya but an obvious distancing awareness form Pereira.  Pereira threw less volume than her opponent, but was fast an accurate when shots were fired. The pepper leg kicks won the fight for Maquiraya who kept a consistent pace.. This is the kind of fight that would be good to see again in a year or two as both fighters evolve.


Main Card:

Christian Tajiri defeated Jared Gonda via 2nd Round TKO

AMMA 135lbs

With both fighters quickly moving in and out of range, the combinations were brief. Tajiri used his inside leg kick to measure, while Gonda committed several times with a looping left hand. Tajiri followed up on an overhand right that brought the fighters into clinch range, which was a battle won by Tajiri.

Much more aggressive in round two, Tajiri came out looking to get inside, which he did taking it to the ground and landing significant punches. Gonda showed heatd as he brought himself back to his feet, but without giving an inch, Tajiri kept the punch volume steady for the TKO win.


Mahi Dochin v Anthony Reyes

AMMA 135lbs

Both fighters kept a tentative distance starting in round one. Once Dochin was able to pressure Reyes to put his back on the cage he was able to maintain top pressure the remainder of the round.

Dochin entered round two keeping with what worked in the first round, quickly putting Reyes against the cage and securing the takedown. Dochin had difficulty working from Reye’s half guard, but was reversed quickly after passing to side control, ending the round with Reyes on top.

Again Dochin backed Reyes up straight to the cage wall for round three, with a quick takedown followed by a strong back mount, Dochin bloodied Reyes with ground and pound until the ref awarded the TKO stoppage.


Taylor Mamiya defeated Akeem Colt via TKO in Round One

AMMA 130lbs

These two came out guns blazing and quick to go to the ground. Akeem ended up on his back looking for a knee bar from the bottom, but Mamiya quickly secured position for a barrage of punches despite the dangerous positioning of his leg. Colt was able to move out of harms way, but not far enough as Mamiya pressured to the cage to finish the fight with ground and pound.


Able Rose defeated Moses Hert via Split Decision

210 + lbs kickboxing

These two big boys looked like they were made from the same mold. Round one was a back and forth battle of feeler leg kicks. Neither seemed overly anxious to put any real conviction on them as they measured for distance.

Rose came out with some tricks in the second round including spinning kicks and strong teeps. He also initiated an exchange of hooks to the head between the two that would put a smaller fighter in the hospital.

Hert came out in round three like he was well aware the round would make or break a decision. Both fighters wanting to close the distance, they found themselves clinched up a number of times in between exchanges. Herts found a way to put something behind those leg kicks with a nice flurry mid-round, while Rose swung for the fences to make up the difference, which he did just well enough to eek out the split decision victory.



Calvin Tacey defeated Peter Ebel via Armbar

185lb No-gi Grappling


Kainalu Pascua defeated Cody Hirose via Triangle Choke

135lb Triple Threat Class B


Neil Dacanay defeated Jomar Ecocio via Decision

165lb Triple Threat Class B


Kelcey Mataafa defeated Mya Cullen-Leong via Rear Naked Choke

105lb Female Triple Threat Teens Class B


DJ Soares-Leong defeated Peter Lacaro via Decision

135lb Teen Kickboxing


Campbell Bagood defeated Johnny Whitford via Submission

50lb Kids No-Gi Grappling


Bhodi Kaang defeated Kila Hinau via Decision

60-65lb Kids Triple Threat Class B