TUFF N UFF: Maki Pitolo vs Daniel Compton

TUFF N UFF: Maki Pitolo vs. Daniel Compton

Little over a month from now, Maki Pitolo will be fighting for Middleweight Championship Title. After his UFC release in 2021, Pitolo remained loyal to the game, going five rounds with the veteran Fernando Gonzalez in March. Two months later, Pitolo got a call from Khabib Nurmagomedov at Eagle FC to fight a formidable contender Douglas Usher. Pitolo only needed 30 seconds to go viral, flatlining Usher after landing a huge uppercut. 

Maki Pitolo, deadlier than ever, will face Daniel Compton in a 5 round Middleweight Championship Title bout at Tuff N Uff 130. 

Tuff N Uff 130: Pitolo vs. Compton




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