Tyson Nam is hoping to keep that Belt

Nam is hoping to keep that Belt / X1 Title.

For the second time around as Main Event, we give you “THE RUSSIAN KILLER” Tyson Nam who won his previous 125lb World Title Match at X1-55 MMA Independence Day against Shojin Miki, one of the best MMA Fighter in Hawaii. The fight lasted until the last round, and both fighters performed extraordinarily. With Nam’s experience in the cage longer than Miki, he was able to get some takedowns and won the match unanimously.

Tyson Nam X1 135lb World Champion
Is Tyson Nam going to keep that Belt?

Well, there are some proofs that he can bring anybody down ! Watch the highlight below

Nam who currently stands 18-9-1- is fighting for the third time at X1this year, this time to defend his 125lbs World Title against another Hawaiian fighter Federico “Ferocious” Vento who is currently 3-2-0. Vento lost his last PRO battle with Dragon House 31 against a much-experienced opponent – Shane Torres. One thing is for sure in this game: that you can not be sure how the fight will turn out.

Federico Vento is confident that he will take down the Russian Killer. Is he mistaken? Only one way to find out!

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