UFC 290: Kamuela Kirk vs. Esteban Ribovics fight result

UFC 290: Esteban Ribovics defeated Kamuela Kirk via close Unanimous Decision Loss (29-28), (29-28), (29-28).

Kamuela “THE JAWAIIAN” Kirk and Esteban Ribovics opened UFC 290 last Saturday, July 8, 2023, at UFC Apex, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Kamuela Kirk controlled round 1 and then struggled to survive rounds 2 and 3. Esteban Ribovics’s phase didn’t change, while the Jawaiian slowed down and gassed out. 

Both fighters performed to the best of their abilities to give the crowd of UFC290 the best opening bout.

We love you, Kamuela Kirk, and we hope to see you again soon! 


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