UFC Vegas 54: Davey Grant finishes Louis Smolka in Round 3

Davey Grant gets the job done in Round 3 with calf kicks and devastating ground-and-pound

Two of the most exciting bantamweights, Davey Grant (11-6 MMA, 4-5 UFC) and Louis Smolka (17-8 MMA, 8-8 UFC) squared up against each other at the main card of UFC Vegas 54.

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UFC Vegas 54: Davey Grant butchers Louis Smolka’s leg before knocking him out cold in an insane bantamweight scrap

Round 1 – Grant and Smolka acquired the center of the octagon, and right off the bat they started trading punches. Grant was coming in with his infectious boxing, and for the most part, Smolka had nothing going on for him. His looping hooks are a thing of beauty and he got Smolka on a couple of occasions. Smolka was looking to mix things up with his takedowns but Grant defended them well.

A stiff jab knocked down Smolka, but he recovered well and survived to fight another round.

Round 2 – Smolka came out shooting for a takedown just as the round started, Grant stiffed that takedown, and landed a couple of punches to back Smolka up. After a couple of exchanges, Smolka started finding his timing, and he landed a couple of flush combinations to get Grant’s attention. Grant is looking a little tired, and Smolka was taking full advantage of this opportunity.

Grant attempted a big spinning head kick but Smolka caught it and took him to the ground, he attempted an armbar but Grant defended well to get back on the ground.

Round 3 – Grant started blasting Smolka with hard leg kicks, which forced him to switch stances, and just as he got back to the conventional. Grant landed another one that completely froze Smolka’s foot, he attempted a quick takedown that got stuffed by Grant, and a couple of follow-up punches knocked Smolka out cold.

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