WAKO Team USA Kickboxing released Joven Lopez

WAKO Team USA Kickboxing issued a statement yesterday stating Joven Lopez’s immediate release.

Joven Lopez was supposed to compete at an upcoming World Kickboxing Tournament in Italy next month.
Instead, he received a suspension until further notice.

An incident has been reported to WAKO Team.
USA Kickboxing (WAKO USA) involving the athlete Joven
Lopez, who qualified to compete at the 2022 WAKO Junior
World Championships. This individual has been suspended from
competing in any WAKO USA events as well as not competing
at the 2022 WAKO World Junior World Championships, until
further notice.

Xclusive MMA doesn’t know both sides of the story, but we do know that nobody deserves to ever go through something like that, a hard way to learn the consequences of an action.
This is sad, just sad all the way around.


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