WAKO Youth Tournament: Joven Lopez

WAKO Tournament: Joven Lopez

Joven Lopez will represent Team WAKO USA for the upcoming Junior World Tournament in Italy from September 30 to October 9, 2022. 

Joven “The Kid” Lopez is a 17-year-old amateur kickboxer competing at 140 lbs. from Waianae, Hawaii. His record is 12-0 with 7 Knockouts. He is a 3x National Champion at 105, 125 & 140 lbs. & is a 1x International Champion at 132 lbs. He was also chosen to represent Team USA in the WAKO Youth World Championship in 2022. He’s a tremendously talented & respectable young man & we’re proud to call him one of our own! – Team Hawaii Promotions



Joven Lopez started training at the age of 12 at Ewa Beach At Animal House Gym. Lopez was training for about four months, and Coach Rick Lee and Mike Uemoto entered him in Destiny Promotion. He was matched up with a more experienced kid who many people knew about and held a multiple titles at the time.

Savon Bernard vs. Joven Lopez

2017 – Joven won his first fight.

Joven was kickboxing in USA Boxing, and
2019 – won his first nationals.
He went to Salt Lake City, Utah, for the US Nationals this time and went to the championship round. Joven flat Jesus Martinez, who has 13 national championships and one international championship.

Joven wasn’t even known, but after fighting the championship round and winning, he was ranked 3rd in the country.

In 2019, Lopez went to Augusta, Georgia, for his first WAKO Kickboxing nationals, where he won his First Nationals in the 105-pound Division.

2019 Won the Manupstandup Super Belt VS Deisal Visitante.

2020 COVID

Feb 18, 2021 – Nashville, Tennessee. Joven entered Wako Nationals and Won His 2nd Kickboxing National Championship in the 125 lb Division.

November 2021 Cancun Mexico / Pan Am Games Representing TEAMUSA Joven Beat TEAM CANADA To Capture the Gold Medal in the 132 lb Division.

Feb 2022 Nashville, Tennessee Wako Kickboxing National Joven had three fights in 3 days. Capturing His 3rd Nationals in the 140 lb Division earned him a Spot to Represent Waianae Hawaii / TEAM USA in The Youth WORLD WAKO Kickboxing.

The championship will be held in Italy in mid-September 2022 Joven and will represent the 140 lb Division.

His fighting style is BUILT from His Uncle / Coach Mike Talalotu, a former Champion in Kickboxing and used to train and spar with world champion Dennis the Terminator Alexio.

On June 10, 2022, TrinityKings Promotion Joven defeated Makaweli Cueto via TKO in the 3rd Round and improved his record to 12-0, 7 KO.





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