WAKO Tournament 2021: Team Hawaii brought home a total of 9 Gold medals

WAKO Team USA National Kickboxing Championships Results – Team Hawaii

West side striking Hawaii Team at WAKO National Kickboxing Championship

Watch the WAKO National Kickboxing Highlights here:


For those who didn’t know: This tournament is used to select fighters to represent Team USA at international and world competitions.

WAKO stands for World Association of Kickboxing Organizations, being the only Kickboxing organization recognized by the IOC.

The boys represent Hawaii really well last weekend at the 2021 Wako National Championship

Shout out to West Side striking, Hi Bred House and Phase 1 Sports Hawaii

Taz “Hawaii’s Finest” Kaleiopu

Taz won a Kickboxing Gold Medal and now a three time WAKO National Kickboxing Champion!
Truly Hawaii’s finest

Taz hawaii's finest Kaleiopu Wako tournament 3x Chmapion

Sefo Manuel also one of the big winner last weekend.

Sefo Manuel 2x WAKO Champion

Sefo Manuel is the 2021 Wako Kickboxing Champion

Tristan Futa 2021 Wako Kickboxing Champion

Tristan Futa won Gold this weekend too

Joven Lopez WAKO National Champion

Joven Lopez 2 time WAKO Kickboxing Champion

Joven Lopez on the house with a 2 time WAKO Kickboxing Champion

Congratulations Boys!

Nakoa Fujirama

Nako Fujirama Won WAKA Tournament

Nakoa Fujirama got the finish in the finals

Alfonso Martinez got the win

Alfonso Martinez WAKO Tournament

Alfonso Martinez WAKO National Winner (silver)

Noah Aluli got the win,

Isaac Martinez

Alfonso Martinez WAKO Tournament

Isaac Martinez WAKO Kickboxing

Scott Higashi

Scott Higashi got the silver at WAKO Kickboxing National Championship

Scott Higashi got the silver at the WAKO National Championship,

Ika ika Barba

Ika Ika Barba got the silver at WAKO Kickboxing National Championship

Ika ika Barba got the silver too,

Team Hawaii at WAKO National Kickboxing Championship

JJ Morales WAKO National Championship got the win.

Let us know if we miss anything, just trying to make some noise for the boys

Amazing performance Team Hawaii!

Shout out to all the Hawaii Boys who went there and did their best to bring home these Gold and Silver medals! Please subscribe and share to support Hawaii Kickboxing Network

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