Yancy Medeiros loss to Damir Hadzovic was heartbreaking

Hawaii MMA News: The heart that Yancy Medeiros showed in this fight was tremendous

Yancy Medeiros ate so many shots from the Bosnian Bomber on the first rounds that when Yancy came back to dominate later, people wanted him to get that W.

“Medeiros and Hadzovic are both in need of a win, and the loser might get his walking papers. “

The UFC Vegas 30 event opened with Damir Hadžović’s victory over Yancy Medeiros, after three rounds that offered different action and a lot of excitement. “Bosnian Bomber” recorded a victory in it worth staying in the UFC, most likely a new contract. And in a way that the leadership of the promotion appreciates the most, with a warrior approach.

As expected, the fight was open with exchanges on their feet, and from the beginning, it was clear that none would be too guarded but that it would be more important to do as much damage as possible. By the middle of the first round, they scored equally, but then Hadžović reached the required distance and recorded several significant series, certainly worth winning the round. Towards the end of the round, he slowed down slightly, resulting in Medeiros’ good attacks but insufficient to improve the impression.

Although he slowed down slightly towards the end of the first round, Hadžović rested enough during the break to immediately set the pace that suits him in the second round. He was constantly attacking and leading his Hawaiian opponent to turn into a counter. Several times during this round, Yancy seemed shaken, but it wasn’t enough to end up on the floor. Hadžović was dominant this round until the last minute, when he slowed down a bit again and gave his opponent a chance to recover.




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